Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Chi machine

If you are looking for a way to Detox your body, while you relax, the Chi Machine be what you are looking for. If you lie back and relax, put your feet on the Chi Machine and gently swings it back and forth, just as if you were a fish on the move.

The Chi Machine has several advantages. The Chi Machine is able to provide your body with a foundation for the aerobic training, while you very little with the rest of your body. You can lie back, relax, read a book or talk on the phone.This is a low impact workout that is also excellent for disable individuals or those who suffer from foot problems, such as diabetics. people who suffer with fatigue, really obese individuals and those who are too ill to practice or brisk walking.

The Chi Machine is also good for your heart.It will help reduce your heart rate and increases the amount of oxygen you. This makes it an excellent form of exercise for people who suffer from high blood pressure or high heart rate have. in addition, you will see the following benefits:

oIncreased energy level

oStrong and limber back as joints

the restful sleep oMore

oStrengthening of the immune system

oAlleviation of stress

oImproved organ function

oImproved traffic

oAlleviation of other conditions such as headaches, depression, anxiety and constipation

The Chi Machine is most noted for six important advantages that it has to offer.For one, it stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and opens the Bronchioles of the lung.It also helps to increase blood flow and to the lungs, making the exchange of oxygen.Increased blood production is also recognised. the action of the Chi Machine assists in reducing the amount of splenal blood production while increasing the production of the spinal marrow blood. no person suffering from anemias have benefited from the Chi Machine for this very reason.

Finally, the most recognized advantage that the Chi Machine helps to restore the life and health to unhealthy bodies. According to ancient Eastern traditions, which increases the life force energy to flow through the body and therefore unblocks the pathways "Chi" to ensure that there is a maximum current of healthy and healing energy in the body and its organs. This gives you a heightened sense of overall health, as well as an increase in energy. no wonder that so many people have fun and lose weight with this machine.

Dr. Roni Deluz, ND, RN, PhD is a life style consultant and owner of Martha's Vineyard holistic Retreat. She is also the author of "21 Pounds in 21 days," which debuted at # 3 on the New York Times bestseller list. She is a nurse, Colon therapist and naturopathic doctor. she travels across the country to help people to make their lives better and healthier through natural health sciences. for more information about its products and services book visit

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